360 Feedback

360-degree feedback enables an individual to get feedback on their performance from the people who really know them and their work. Self-assessment is compared against feedback from colleagues, direct reports, peers, managers, customers, clients and other stakeholders.

photo to represent 360 feedback

We can offer a standard 360 process linked to generic leadership behaviours or develop a bespoke system using your own assessment or development criteria.  360 may be a stand-alone process or used as part of a wider performance or development programme. 360 is a multi-source approach providing fresh and constructive insights that support personal and organisation development:

  • Individuals take multi-source feedback less personally and are more likely to take on board what’s been said
  • Individuals benefit from very clear information on their strengths and on the areas needing development
  • Organisations benefit from improved communication and a more open culture in which giving and receiving constructive feedback becomes the norm
  • A very powerful driver for change both for individuals and for the organisation as a whole

360 Feedback

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