Mentoring is a highly effective way to support development and performance improvement using internal resources. A mentor is an experienced person who shares his or her professional expertise, wisdom and insight with a less experienced person (the mentee) to help them develop their skills, confidence and abilities.

Mentoring is a protected, non-judgmental relationship that enables a wide range of learning, experimentation and development.  It builds motivation and supports career progression for both the mentor and the mentee. Many of the same skills are needed for mentoring as for coaching although mentoring relationships tend to be longer term than coaching.

We provide cost effective ways to develop your existing mentoring system.  Or we can help you set up a system through:

  • Mentoring management facility
  • Mentor – mentee matching process
  • Briefings for mentees
  • Mentor development
  • Online guidance & advice
  • Support to networking
  • Online evaluation of your mentoring system

Mentoring     Coaching Qualifications

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