Talent Selection & Management

Organisations seek to balance the needs of long-serving, experienced staff with the need to recruit and develop new talent. They have also learnt from previous downsizing that they need to avoid a damaging loss of ‘organisational knowledge’. Talent management is a planned response to this complex and competitive operating environment.

photo to represent talent selection

Talent management describes a conscious, deliberate approach to attracting, developing and retaining people with the aptitude and abilities to meet current and future business needs.  Organisations that commit to managing their talent bring together several HR and management tools. This can include talent screening, assessment centres, development centres, work-based tasks, action learning groups and the use of mentoring.  The aim is to take a co-ordinated, performance-oriented approach that both motivates and nurtures key individuals.

We can align your talent development programme to a professionally recognised qualification through ILM. This provides added recognition and reward to motivate your talented people to achieve outstanding results.

Talent Selection & Management

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