REAL Leadership


1. Delivering Results:

  1. Is achievement driven and focused on making a positive difference
  2. Sets challenging goals and takes calculated risks
  3. Is tenacious in overcoming obstacles and resolving problems
2. Mobilising Resources:

  1. Sets out a compelling vision which spurs people into action
  2. Sets a clear direction and provides visible leadership
  3. Takes decisive action, with confidence, even in complex circumstances


3. Inspiring Success:

  1. Creates a positive and credible impression, leading by example
  2. Encourage people to use their initiative and listens to their ideas
  3. Uses a range of influencing strategies to persuade others, building consensus & support
4. Developing Capability

  1. Creates a culture of continuous improvement, providing regular, constructive feedback
  2. Provides opportunities for people to grow and develop
  3. Is appreciative of others’ contributions, praising effective performance

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5. Seizing Opportunities

  1. Proactively builds relationships and alliances to gain co-operation and commitment
  2. Encourages new and innovative ways to deliver business priorities
  3. Is able to adapt leadership style to get the best out of situations and people
6. Improving Performance

  1. Sets and agrees stretching performance standards for self and others
  2. Regularly reviews priorities, monitors performance to ensure delivery to time & budget
  3. Tackles poor performance or inappropriate behaviour promptly

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7.   Building Trust

  1. Treats others fairly and with respect and follows through on commitments made
  2. Coaches & supports others to succeed, making best use of individuals’ strengths & skills
  3. Stays resilient; behaviour remains consistent, constructive & effective even under pressure
8. Leading Authentically

  1. Keeps an open mind and stays positive when receiving feedback or listening to others’ views
  2. Personally demonstrates the values of honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity
  3. Has the courage to say what people may not want to hear
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