Organisational development and change management

Organisation development (OD) is defined as ‘planned, integrated and systematic approach to enabling sustained organisation performance through the involvement of its people’. More specifically, it can be described as a system-wide integrated process of data collection, diagnosis, action planning, intervention, and evaluation aimed at (1) enhancing congruence within an organisational structure, process, strategy, people and culture; (2) developing new and creative organisational solutions; and (3) developing the organisation’s self-renewing capacity. OD actions and process often take place through the collaboration of key people in the organisation working with a change agent using key process, skills, strategies, theories and technology.

So how do you have an impact on OD? You may be involved in the creation or management of a planned change; or you may be involved in helping people in your organisation to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to solve problems by involving them in the change process. Whatever your role in OD it is about improving organisational effectiveness.

This section offers guidance and tips in how to be more effective in aspects of OD and how to be more skilled and personally effective in leading and managing change.

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