Talent Management

Talent management is a process which describes a planned approach to attracting, developing and retaining people with the aptitude and abilities to meet current and future business needs. Organisations that commit to managing their talent bring together several HR and management tools. This can include talent screening, assessment centres, development centres, work-based tasks, action learning groups and the use of mentoring. The aim is to take a co-ordinated, performance-oriented approach that both motivates and nurtures key individuals.

In this section we offer advice and guidance in how you can start to proactively build for business success by delivering the talent pool you need to fit your current and future business priorities. The resources will help you define what potential looks like, where it sits in your succession planning process and how it can be released to maximise the contribution to your business.

Please use our materials and let us know if you have other learning activities and information that can help others to improve their effectiveness too – thank you.

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